[Horse client]  Kyle who has worked with Regalo and I in the past was here this weekend. We worked with him on the ground and rode him, he did great! He was not itchy and did not go catatonic when we were on him! I think you have figured out how to make him comfortable. So grateful.


Acacia Whole Health

I would highly recommend using Acacia for taking care of your pets health. My dog, Prana, was very tired after our long hikes, she was visibly stiff and sore. After the treatments with Acacia, she is bouncing around, full of energy and back to her happy self, no more cranky joints! I’m grateful that I have a place I can take my pets to keep them in top shape, healthy and well taken care of.

(It's easy to take your pet's health for granted, given they cannot tell you about it. Using [Zyto Biocommunication] to test them is very enlightening and helps you help them.)

Sally M.


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Tailored Nutrition

For your best friend

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Not only is your personal health a priority, but your family's is as well -- including the loved ones covered in fur! Our unique and accurate nutritional assessments can be completed for your pets, too. Using Zyto Biocommunication, we are able to evaluate your animal's current physical state. More often than not, health and behavior complications are caused by environmental stressors, like allergens or toxins. Zyto is able to recognize these specific disorders. We will then follow-up with individualized recommendations and homeopathic remedies to get your pet feeling their absolute best, as quickly as possible. 

To take advantage of this exceptional service, all we need a small hair sample (the size of a quarter), in a ziplock bag. Include your pet's name, birth date, gender, and a description of any specific health concerns. Also include your contact information. You can deliver this to us by mail or bring it to the office. When the scan is completed, we will send the results along with any recommendations by email. Each scan is $85.00, you can send a check or pay with credit card over the phone.

Acacia Whole Health is passionate about enhancing the lives our clients. We are excited to extend our services so that our pets can live healthfully alongside us!

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