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​Traditional Naturopath

Rennetta Nikolic


4155 East Jewell Ave. #801

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Acacia Whole Health's Mission:

Empower our clients to promote their own wellness - physical, mental, emotional, energetic - through natural modalities, education and modeling.

Certified EVOX Practitioner; Private Practice Psychotherapist, Educator, and Facilitator; Behavioral Health Accommodation Consultant; Co-founder of Equine Centered Counseling, LLC and Equine Response.

Michelle L. Kaye, MA, LPC is an experienced therapist, educator, facilitator, and consultant for both Civilian and Military/Veteran populations. She utilizes an Integrative Therapy approach that includes her training in modalities such as Mindfulness –Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Compassionate/Non-Violent Communication (NVC).

​​Holding an AA degree in Performing Arts from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, a BA in Sociology from Colorado College, and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado, she offers a unique skill set by combining her love of the Healing and Performing Arts with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning (EAP/L) to provide a space where adults, families, and youth can learn to communicate honestly and effectively, and become empowered to live their lives more authentically and more joyfully.

Michelle L. Kaye 


Rennetta Nikolic began exploring alternative medicine in 1994, when her first child was diagnosed with milk and wheat allergies. With the help of a supportive pediatrician, she began using homeopathy, herbal remedies and diet alternatives to keep her family healthy. As her knowledge grew, neighbors, friends and family increasingly requested information on natural remedies for their own use. 

In 1996, Rennetta began professionally using alternative remedies and modalities with animals, and her knowledge continued to expand. In 2001, she began her formal education in alternative health, and began working as an intern at Acacia Whole Health. Rennetta Nikolic is now the owner and primary Traditional Naturopath at Acacia Whole Health. She was certified to use Electro-Dermal Screening devices through Computronics Corporation, in 2001, and through the American Association of Acupuncture and Bio-Energetic Medicine, in 2010. 

Moving to Hawaii in 2007 allowed her to continue to learn natural healing practices of different cultures. She also completed her Doctorate of Naturopathy during this time. Rennetta understands the healing power within each of us. She works with the individual needs of each person, building the best health program for you. 

“Given proper nutrition, and natural help when needed, the body has the ability to heal beyond current conventional expectations. I look forward to seeing you return to optimum health and teaching you to maintain your highest vitality!” 

~Rennetta Nikolic, Traditional Naturopath

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